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Kia Ceed: NI EXPLORER test drives...

Posted on 28 Dec 2018

Don’t just take our word for it! 

We’ve asked Northern Ireland’s leading road-trippers and adventure-finders NI EXPLORER to put a few of our Kia models to the test. They’ll be making the most of each model’s features – from the streets of Belfast to the Mourne Mountains, the Causeway Coast and everywhere in between.

Hi everyone.

After our city-slickin’ with the Kia Picanto in week 1 (read it here), this week we needed a vehicle with a bit more space for a few ‘behind the scenes’ adventures.

Downey Cars introduced us to the Kia Ceed. This 2018 model with its 1.4L, 138 BHP petrol engine, is the new, bigger, better model of the popular Kia hatchback.

The sporty exterior with its great mix of lines and curves – plus popping blue colour and contrasting tinted windows - caught a lot of eyes over the week (or maybe it was the ‘£199 a month’ graphics on the side). 

While the overall looks of the car are great, for us this week it was the inside that really mattered.

Driving-wise, the multi-function steering wheel was a plus – putting you in finger-distance of:

  • Volume control
  • Bluetooth mobile phone connection
  • Cruise control
  • ...and a variety of driving info on the digital computer display


In addition – and our first time experiencing it – the Ceed has an automated Lane Assist function (that little icon at the top right)....

Essentially, when turned on you will feel the car brake and/or steer when you’re too close to the vehicle in front or veering too close to the pavement/another lane. A very strange feeling at first, but then so was cruise control whenever it first came about. 

The automatic gearbox and all-round very comfortable cockpit area also makes the Ceed a great option for both those on short, frequent urban or longer, ex-urban journeys.

In the back, there is more than enough room for 3 adults. The 60/40 folding rear seats (i.e. you can fold down either a single seat back position or a double) is such a simple yet important feature on a car.

In a car we had a few years ago, we could only fold down the full seat. The benefit of a 60/40 is that you can still have people seated in the rear while transporting long objects.

For us, with some behind-the-scenes DIY to attend to, it was handy for transporting ladders and a large king-size mattress...while still having room for a person in the back.

When the seats are all up, the boot is spacious enough for an overweight Golden Retriever and much more. Max definitely appreciated that after a few rainy walks in the hills.

And just underneath Max, there's a handy dual-position shelf which allows you to have a deeper boot or a hidden compartment for flatter objects. Like Christmas presents that needed kept out of sight for a while :)

Next up - we put the all-wheel-drive, 7 seater luxury Kia Sorento to the test - read it here.

Thanks for reading!

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